JAV [English Subs] MIDE-471 What If You Got Married To Gravure Idol Shouko Takahashi

My brain would implode.

But I guess it would be complicated xD. To marry an ex-gravure idol who is doing porn now and all.

Now, about MIDE-471, this JAV is a jewel. It’s an all POV release, featuring Takasho. The scenes are good and the variety of costumes is decent too.

And if you guys want to understand why Takasho is so popular, you guys just need to watch the opening scene. Such a dream girl. She is surely one of the most popular JAV actress this year. A solid top 5 to say the least.

MIDE-417 released yesterday, 23 September, and I have bought this title on R18 in full HD. It’s really awesome and I really recommend it, you guys can buy it on R-18 VOD clicking here.

Eventually an HD rip might get released around and I can post it here, but still, it won’t be as good quality as the one in R18. I enjoy to treat myself an HD JAV there, from time to time… 🙂

This JAV is also available in Blu-ray version, so you know is a special title.

In MIDE-471 world, “Shoko Takahashi” is an active gravure Idol who gets married in secret. She is the perfect girlfriend, an extra-sugar version of Shoko. Extra-cute, more Kawaii, more hungry for sex. A perfectly dedicated sweet wife which is also an unstoppable nympho.

It’s funny because Takasho references herself up in this JAV, as she was a gravure Idol who got caught doing non-Idol things, lol. Is a very good release, that I have watched a total of 4 times already, not kidding.

MIDE-471 is the balls, and one of my best sub-works to date, because:

Shoko Takahashi is 100% perfect for this role.
Shoko excels on POV scenes.
Takasho perfection everywhere.
The story totally works and triggers me. Where is my Takasho nympho wife?. 🙁 LOL.
I really enjoyed it, and I hope everyone else does too. And it’s fitting because today the DMM adult awards will be held and I expect Takasho to be crowned.

Moreover, I might consider subbing to scene 3 onwards, if time allows. Even though they are similar scenes and they focus on the sex even more, but the stuff is good.

JAV [English Subs] IPX-044 These Erotic Nympho Nurse Love To Have Men Cum In Her Mouth Mizukawa Sumire Mizuki Miri

Mizuki Miri with another JAV for the posterity.

She looks incredibly hot in here. Performs so well. With that natural suntan that makes her skin so golden and looks like a gyaru without much makeup.

Idea pocket studio (IPX, IPZ), does without any shadow of a doubt, the best nurse porn scenes done ever. The sleeveless nurse attire is something we didn’t saw before. Although it doesn’t look much like a nurse costume.

PS: This video will be reuploaded later on in HD quality. At the time of writing this is the only version available, which kind of sucks. But that’s the little price to pay for being the first… Nevertheless is a nice preview.

Mizukawa Sumire, a qualified nurse
Man, that intro was hilarious. A dude got his hands injured badly and ends up in the hospital and all. With the hands injured and wrapped in thick bandages, he cannot solve his own dick problems. But not a sweat, Mizuki nurse is here to help, or to do her “job”, as she says. Handjob maybe.

The second dude was even more hilarious. He is in deep terrible pains, screaming to the point he thinks he will die. The real problem is a dick-problem. An overload of unreleased semen that her wife doesn’t help to release. Once again, Mizuki Miri understands the problem and will save the day. Sassy.

JAV [English Subs] MIMK-056 The Female Team Manager Gets Fucked This Right-Handed Pinch Hitter Is Our Ace Pitcher’s Girlfriend – Sora Shiina

I waited to watch this video in HD (Like everyone should), and I have been really pleased. The story was so cool and visually this video is picture-perfect for 120 minutes straight. MOODYZ did a great job in this doujin adaptation and I expected no less.

The plot: Shiina Sora is Natsume, a girl who is the team manager of a baseball team. She is also dating one of the guys from the team, and one day while riding on a bicycle she gets involved in an accident which hurts the hand of another dude, one of the key players from the team.

Shiina feels guilty and goes to apologize and check on him. However, this dude starts fapping his dick in front of Shiina’s face and she can’t turn away, because of the feeling of guilt + him being one of the best players from the team.

From there, things escalate really quickly…

Sato Yuma is in the Baseball team, they are making it to the national finals. He is too obsessed with baseball that he neglects his prize girlfriend.
Natsumi Mukawa (Shiina Sora). Sato Yuma’s girlfriend and the baseball team female manager.
Tanaka Reo. The ace pitcher, also in the baseball team.
One day Sato and Natsumi are going back home riding a bicycle when they accidentally run over Tanaka Reo.

Tanaka gets injured and Natsumi Mukawa being the very considerate girl she is, offers him help with his daily “necessities”. All while Sato Yuma doesn’t suspect anything, because he is obsessing over Baseball, literally the most boring sport in planet earth and beyond.

It feels very much like NTR, even though Natsumi is very deeply in love with his boyfriend she develops an even deeper lewd love for dicks.

The story was pretty lovely and I enjoyed it, it has so many awesome moments like the moment Natsumi receives a phone call from his bf. The story could have been better by the middle and by the end, but still, pretty solid :D.

Watch JAV: [English Subtitles] MIDE-182 Incredible Hottie Shows Off Her Amazing Cum Control Techniques Shoko Akiyama

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Watch JAV: [English Subtitles] Good office lady Ruri Shinohara ends up having cyber sex Uncensored

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Cutesy little office lady Ruri Shinohara got groped by her older manager and after she confessed her feelings for him they started fucking like energizer bunnies. They continued their relationship ever since and were fucking and chance they had. One day at work the manager told her he is going to be transferred but that didn’t stop them from having a distance relationship. Lonely and needy Ruri Shinohara calls up her mature lover and convinces him that they should get on video-chat. After talking for a while they decide to have cyber sex. The cute babe kneads her tits and does everything the older man is telling her. After the teasing is done she gets out some of her toys and licks them up before getting deep inside her pussy. While she is indecent and moaning her older lover is jerking off his throbbing cock.

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Watch JAV: [English Subtitles] Hinata Serina gets filled up with a nice piece of cock Uncensored

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It seems that the only one who was having any fun and loads of sex on this trip was Hinata Serina. After getting back to shore she is interviewed. She talks about the great time she had while relaxing and then describes the sex as uneasy ‘cuz anyone could have seen then doing naughty things. All the other girls are questioned as well and then the one that was constantly seasick is teased a lot.

Later on they move back to Hinata Serina again. While on her back her hairy cunt is teases and she moans out softly. She is fingered and made wet before the man allows her to suck cock. She gets the throbbing meat pole down her throat then she masturbates while recorded in a close-up. Hinata gets her legs high up and the condom wrapped cock plunges deep inside her before she is creamed up.

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Watch JAV: [English Subtitles] Cute office lady called Tsubaki strikes and sucks cock Uncensored

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Looking all cute and professional in her gray uniform Tsubaki is explaining their next business move to an older man. He gets tired and flops down so Tsubaki goes to the side and starts stripping in order to cheer him up. After performing a juicy strip tease, revealing her hairy cunt she wants to feel god and cum at least once so she is licked and made wet by the man. After Tsubaki is on her knees she pulls out the older colleagues sausage and is munching on it while making seductive sounds. After getting bent over the slim babe is getting hardcore plowed in multiple poses before her cunt is filled with cum.

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Watch JAV: [English Subtitle] Rino Mizusawa first time creampie Uncensored

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After being tied up and fingered Rino Mizusawa got a lot closer to her step-father and started warming up to him. He bought her a cute outfit with a hoody and it made her very happy. He is still jealous of her having boyfriends because he wants to be the only man for her. Without any warning he just started kissing her and taking off her outfit which he just bought so he can play with her small tits and make her horny. She has no other choice but to comply and let him please her. She feels embarrassed but when he reaches for her vagina it’s already wet and that means she likes what he’s doing and that encouraged him more. But they don’t stop here, he fingers her so hard that she came on his fingers, then she returned the favor by blowing his dick. Lust possessed him and he started shagging her hairy pussy until he ejaculated inside her.

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Watch JAV : Ruri Shinohara gets to hardcore fuck her older manager Uncensored (English Subtitled)

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Even though she is new at the office Ruri Shinohara decided to work overtime and spend some more time with her manager. After one of her computer cables detaches she gets under her table. While her ass is in the air her manager can’t contain himself and goes around to grope her. Ruri is surprised at fist but soon after that she confesses her feelings for the man and they get indecent. After making out her nipples are teases and she can’t stop giggling. She gets nibbled and even her small, cute feet get teased and suckled. After getting her cunt liked up and teased then babe is spreading her legs and letting the manager finger her. Dripping wet and lusting for more she gets onto her knees to suck, The man is overwhelmed and then, after he gets deep inside her he can’t stop fucking her.

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Watch JAV : Aiko Nagai gets her job done and fucks clients (English Subtitled)

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Aiko Nagai got her job at an important company and while on the phone her male colleagues came up to her and started fondling her. She didn’t resist and kept ding her job and the whole incident ended with er getting a good fuck. Now the men which whom she spoke on the phone are coming for a business talk. One of the men mentions how weir the phone call sounded and wonder if the meeting is a prank. Aiko happily receives them and tells them they are going to get a special treatment before the talk. She strips one of them and gets on top of him sliding his cock deep into her pussy. She is licked and kneaded then the other man joins in and wants a piece of her. While on her knees she sucks and jerks them off then gets their cummy treat into her mouth.

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